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Through the decades of special passion and emotion of Dietmar Götz around the myth Lamborghini, the history and the vehicles as a cultural asset grew over the years also an intense friendship with the Lamborghini family and the home region "Sant'Agata Bolognese" in which the myth Automobili Lamborghini began.

From this friendship we highlight two highlights:

Dietmar Götz and his wife Svetlana sealed their marriage in 2015. The wedding was organized by Dott. F. Lamborghini himself. Mayor Giuseppe Vicinelli presided over this dream wedding in Sant'Agata Bolognese in a close circle of friends.

In 2016, the Municipality of Sant'Agata Bolognese decided to name a square after the hard-working and successful entrepreneur of the city, Ferruccio Lamborghini, in order to honor him and his services to the city. Thus the "Ferruccio Lamborghini Piazza" was born.

Quickly the idea was born to equip the square also with a monument in bronze of Ferruccio Lamborghini with the Miura, in his memory. Under the direction of Cristina Guizzardi, former secretary of Ferruccio Lamborghini and current director of the factory museum, and Fabio Lamborghini, a special bronze bust of Ferruccio Lamborghini was begun by the artist Alessandro Rasponi in 2016. The company Klima-Lounge® financed this project completely, which was also immortalized on the bust, on the applied plaque.

The "Piazza Ferruccio Lamborghini" was solemnly inaugurated in 2018 by the mayor Giuseppe Vicinelli and representatives of the Lamborghini family, as well as Klima-Lounge®. At this occasion, the bronze bust was also unveiled in a special ceremony.

A double of the bronze bust came to Germany and can be seen in the Lamborghini Museo, in 88436 Eberhardzell, Sant'Agata Germania.

From this was born the twinning of the cities of Sant'Agata Bolognese and Sant'Agata Germany (Eberhardzell).

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